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Study Abroad Process and Requirements: After Acceptance

You will receive TWO e-mails from ISA, one is congrats and the other has your student portal login information. Log into your ISA student portal and change your password. Review requested information and deadlines. (DO NOT delete the e-mails!)
If you don’t have a passport, it’s VERY important that you get one IMMEDIATELY! Cost can range from $90-$200, depending on how fast you need it. Maximum is 90 days.
  • ALL programs require a PASSPORT as they are ALL outside USA.
  • Some programs require a VISA; a PASSPORT is required to obtain a VISA. Obtaining a VISA can take up to 90 DAYS.
Compile a list of required documents (deadlines are listed in the student portal).
  • Health Clearance (Primary Care physician signature required)
  • Disciplinary Form (Dean of Student’s signature required)
  • Housing Forms
  • Flight Itinerary (once passport/visa are obtained and online registration is complete)
  • Follow instructions in “How To Book Your Semester/Year Flight.”
  • FLIGHT COSTS ARE SEPARATE. Price depends on factors like country, airport, and time from departure date. Prices can range from $400-$1,500 round trip. USE STA TRAVEL!
  • A late fee of $25/form per week. Contact Program Manager to discuss with late paperwork. You can always contact Site Specialist or Program Manager.
Complete online practice language proficiency exam (only required for countries whose first language is not English).
Complete online orientation – does not open until after all deadlines (except flight) have passed.
Once registered with the institution abroad, complete transfer equivalency forms (available in Registrar’s Office) with your advisor and obtain appropriate signature.

For more information, contact us at or call 802-447-6631.

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