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Students in Publishing Class Read from their Manuscripts

In December 2016, six students shared some background and excerpts from their works in progress in the advanced Publishing Seminar Class, through the Shires Press Publishing Program, as they prepare to transform their ideas into printed reality.

Reading first was Chyenne Daley. She is a senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Creative Writing. Chyenne is from the Bronx, N.Y. She found her love of writing through poetry. When she’s not writing, she loves to listen to music and kick back with her crazy-fun Jamaican family. She is slated to publish her book in Spring 2017.

The next reading was by Jose Ferreras. Jose is a senior Creative Writing major, born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. His favorite books are the Harry Potter series, and he also enjoys watching Broadway musicals, especially Rent and Wicked. I-dina Menzel is his favorite Broadway actress and is his #wifegoals. He is slated to publish his book in Spring 2017.

Next to read was Cierra Mincher. Cierra is also a senior Creative Writing major. She inhabits a house with her mother and her dog Angel in Groton, N.Y. She loves spending time with friends, her family and cuddling with her dog whenever possible. Most of the time spent writing the draft of her first book was done in the late hours of the night and the early hours of the morning, when her creativity tends to spark. She is slated to publish her book in Spring 2017.

Sarah Weiler was next to read from her manuscript. Sarah is a senior Creative Writing & English major. She moved to Vermont from Tennessee with her family eight years ago. She is inspired by Vermonters: their lives, their accents, their tastes in casseroles, and most of all, their stories.  Her favorite authors are Robert E. Money, Tracy Letts and Bruce C. Blanchard. Sarah is slated to publish her book in Spring 2017.

Next was Tanisha Wright. Tanisha is from Brooklyn, N.Y., and is a junior majoring in Creative Writing. Her hobbies include watching anime, sleeping and eating, especially candied yams. She gets inspired when she thinks about her readers, and she writes so that she might inspire them. She is slated to publish her book in Spring 2018.

Mikaela Zemaitis was the final reader today. Hailing from Watertown, CT, she is in her junior year of a double-major in Creative Writing & English. Mikaela identifies with the Gothic subculture, and her favorite 80’s goth rock band is The Sisters of Mercy. Her own brother says he hasn’t seen her wear a color in years. This transfers into her writing, as her characters tend to have a similar style. She is slated to publish her book in Spring 2018.

During the Spring of 2014, Southern Vermont College teamed up with the Northshire Bookstore, an independent bookstore with its own press label and publishing services, to create the Shires Press Publishing Program. This unique program offers students the opportunity to study the foundations of book publishing while working on their own manuscript from conception to completion.

At the end of the program, participants have printed copies of their own published work, and opportunities to promote their books in retail and online marketplaces. Last year, our first two writers to complete the program presented copies to President Evans at their graduation ceremony. “A Brother’s Love” by Cameron Curtiss and “A Gray Man” by Luke Gelhieser are available for purchase online or in person at the Northshire bookstore.

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