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Student Gov. Assoc.

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Student Government Association

Strong emphasis is placed on student involvement in all facets of life at the College. The Southern Vermont College Student Government Association (SGA) works closely with faculty and staff to ensure that students’ needs and concerns are addressed, students are represented on all standing committees, and student input is considered in the formulation of College policy. The President of the Association acts as the Student Representative to the Southern Vermont College Board of Trustees. The SGA selects two representatives for the Judicial Review Board and appoints students to serve on various other committees at the College.

Mission Statement

Dedicated to the quality of student life at SVC

The Southern Vermont College Student Government Association is a diverse and committed group of individuals elected to be the voice of the student body with the purpose of enriching student social life by expanding their cultural and on-campus community experiences. The Association’s devoted team of student leaders strives to provide a positive environment that encourages personal growth among their peers through communal activities. The Association places an emphasis on building strong student leaders, respecting shared campus settings, and role modeling responsibility within the College community. The Student Government deeply believes in and is dedicated to the quality of student life at Southern Vermont College.

Adopted by the 2001-02 Student Government Association

Student Government Association Constitution

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