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Conduct Process

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What is the Conduct Process

The conduct process at Southern Vermont College is a facet of the Dean of Students Office. Once a report is written (either through Residence Life or Campus Safety), all parties involved in the documentation will be scheduled for an Administrative Hearing with an Administrative Hearing Officer.

Please Note: Being documented does not mean that anyone is in trouble! This is a formal process by the College in which an Administrative Hearing Officer or Conduct Review Board (CRB) will determine an individual Responsible or Not Responsible through the scheduled Administrative Hearing or CRB.

Students will be delivered a formal letter indicating when their Administrative Hearing/CRB is, where their hearing is and who it is with. Students are required to sign for their letters as to assure that the letter has been received.

Students receiving a formal letter indicating that they have an Administrative Meeting will be required to meet with one of the Administrative Hearing Officers. The meeting will be focused on education and development as well as focused on a constructive outcome while determining a Responsible or Not Responsible finding.

The Administrative Hearing Officer will notify any student involved in an Administrative Hearing via a hand-delivered letter should the parties involved be found responsible. All hand-delivered letters must be signed upon retrieval. If found Not Responsible, the letter will be e-mailed to the student’s SVC e-mail account.

Students do reserve the right to appeal a decision should they be found responsible as a result of their Administrative Hearing. All appeals must be made in writing to the Dean of Students within three (3) business days of the original decision; after that time, an appeal will not be heard. However, if the Dean of Students is unavailable or there is a conflict of interest, a designee will serve as the appeal officer.

All appeal decisions are final.

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