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Parents & Guardians FAQ

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FAQ for Parents & Guardians

  • If my student is notified that they need to have an Administrative Meeting, what does this mean?

    Please refer to the “Conduct Process” link at the top of this page.

  • Will I be notified if my student goes through the conduct process?

    Parents are only notified in more serious violations (assault, drug possession, hospital transport due to alcohol, etc). We do encourage all students to have conversations with their parents, whether we notify them or not, as this is a developmental step in understanding what they have violated and encouraging them to initiate those conversations. SVC sees all students as adults and expects that they will act in such a manner. It is expected that any student found responsible for policy violation(s) will act accordingly and learn, partly on their own, through the Administrative Hearing on how to move forward and avoid future policy violations.

  • Do I have a role in the conduct process when it involves my student?

    An active role that you can play if your student is going through the conduct process is to be supportive and provide guidance. However, it is also important to hold your student accountable for their actions with regard to your expectations of them here on campus. Another role that you can play is to assist in the identification of supplementary programs/outlets to help your student succeed; whether this is tutoring, alcohol education, or even anger management classes. It is not beneficial, considering the development of your student, for you to handle the situation for them.

  • How are sanctions decided upon?

    Sanctions are decided upon with the consideration of various factors:

    • – Severity of violation
    • – Students involvement in incident
    • – Effect of incident on others
    • – Prior conduct history
  • I know my student could not have done this; I did not raise them this way. Why are they going through the conduct process?

    College is a developmental experience both in the classroom and in the residence halls (should they live on campus). This may be the first time that a lot of students are away from their home without the guidance of their parents or guardian and this can lead to exploration as your student makes new friends and experiences new day to day activities. This could possibly challenge their personal beliefs and values as they navigate these new experiences. This is completely normal! However, we do encourage that all students take responsibility for their actions and understand that their actions may not necessarily be healthy for themselves or others around them. Their actions may also constitute various consequences should they be found responsible.

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