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Student Conduct

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Southern Vermont College’s Principles of Community require that students be guided by a sense of personal honor based on integrity, common sense and respect for the rights of others.  Southern Vermont College firmly believes in the concept of individuality, which includes responsibility for one’s own behavior. We strive to create and support an educational environment that promotes student growth and development.

In a community such as ours, self-discipline is the cornerstone of personal freedom. The College recognizes the rights of all individuals to express themselves in words and actions so long as they do so without infringing upon the rights of others or violating the standards of good conduct. There must be a willingness and commitment among those within the College to associate in such a way that allows individual freedom, rights and privileges to coexist with reasonable order. Membership in the College community assumes a respect for these basic principles that enable the College to accomplish its mission.

Community Standards of Conduct

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