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Facilities and Housekeeping FAQ

  • If I have a maintenance concern to report, what should I do?

    The most efficient way to do this is to e-mail facilities at You can also inform your Resident Advisor or your Residence Director, particularly if the problem has not been resolved.

  • When does the garbage get removed from my lounge and bathroom?

    The garbage will be removed every weekday; however, recyclables are removed once a week on Fridays. All recyclables and trash must be placed in the designated receptacles for them to be removed.

  • When do the bathrooms and living rooms get cleaned?

    Well, first, let’s clarify what we mean by cleaned . . . the Housekeeping staff needs to be able to have the floor be fairly free of “stuff” for vacuuming in the living rooms. The bathrooms should have at least 80 percent of the surface cleared. It is strongly recommended that each student have a personal tote for bathroom belongings that can be stored under the sink or in the room so as to avoid bottles and other items from cluttering the shower or sink. There also should be no dishes (clean or otherwise) in the bathroom – again, to avoid clutter.

    Once a week, the showers and sinks are scrubbed and the toilet is scrubbed every day. The Housekeeping staff will also stock toilet paper and liquid hand-soap in each of the bathrooms. If the staff believes that the area is too messy to be cleaned, a note will be left with instructions on what needs to be tidied up so they can clean the next time.

  • Can I put living room furniture in my bedroom and bedroom furniture in the living room?

    Sorry, all of the furniture needs to stay in its original location. Excess furniture in the living room could present a fire hazard and can prevent the Housekeeping staff from cleaning properly.

  • Do the Resident Advisors inspect the rooms and lounges?

    Yes. Once a month your Resident Advisor will do an inspection of all bedrooms and common areas, as per the Community Standards of Conduct. In addition, at the beginning of any break, the Resident Advisors and the Director of Residence Life will also conduct an inspection. They are looking for maintenance issues, fire/safety concerns and room cleanliness issues. Residents of the suite are responsible for rectifying any problems within 24 hours, and the Resident Advisor will re-inspect soon thereafter. Please keep in mind that these inspections are for everyone’s safety and well-being.

  • Who else might inspect the room?

    Housekeeping and Facilities staff may also report any concerns. On occasion, Bennington Town Inspectors will also check for safety concerns, but will have a College staff person escorting.

If you have any questions, please contact your Resident Advisor, Residence Director, or the Director of Residence Life at 802-447-4013.

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