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Parents & Family FAQ

  • What is the typical class size?

    The average class size is 11, with an 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

  • Do most students stay on campus on the weekends?

    Yes. We offer a lot of weekend activities on campus for students and, coupled with all the local recreational options like skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, hiking and mountain biking, we have found that most tend to stay around. Also, roughly 86 percent of our residential students are from out of state, which contributes to this.

  • Do you offer academic support services?

    Our Center for Teaching and Learning program is a federally funded program that provides the kind of individual support a student may need to get the most out of college. There are tutors available for all classes, a writing center and a disability support program. Since the program is federally funded, all services are free.

  • What is post-graduation job placement rate?

    Within one year of graduation, 92 percent of Southern Vermont College graduates have reported full-time employment in their field or enrolled in graduate school.

  • Do you offer career services?

    Our Career Development Office helps students with internships, work-study jobs and job searching. They also offer seminars in resume preparation, job searches and interview techniques.

  • What kind of security does Southern Vermont College offer?

    The area around Southern Vermont College is a very safe community. Nonetheless, our Campus Safety offers services like parking registration, lost and found, lockout assistance, identification cards, student driving escort services, 24-hour security patrol of campus and assistance with minor vehicle problems.

  • Are athletic scholarships available?

    Since we are an NCAA Division III school, we are unable to award athletic scholarships.

  • What is the application deadline?

    We offer rolling admissions, which means that we do not have a formal deadline, but our deadline for academic scholarships is March 1. After a student submits a completed application, he or she will receive an answer within two weeks.

  • Do you offer service learning?

    Southern Vermont College has unlimited opportunities to step up and contribute to the local community, where students can serve the community while earning college credit. Some classes will allow you to use community learning in place of a paper or project.

  • Is on-campus housing guaranteed?

    We guarantee on-campus housing for first-year and transfer students. As upperclassmen, housing is available on a space-available basis, and we have set aside certain residence halls for upperclassmen who wish to continue living on campus. There are local apartments to rent for students within the Bennington community as well, which is a short drive to the campus.

  • Do first-year students need their own computer?

    While having a computer in their room would be ideal, we do have a computer lab that is open 24 hours right next to the residence halls.

  • What kind of medical facilities are available?

    There is a Health Services Office located on campus that can deal with minor medical problems, and the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center is located adjacent to the campus.

  • What are the tuition and fees for one semester?

    See Tuition and Fees page for current costs.

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