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Counseling Services

Hunter Hall and pond

The Counseling Services Offices at Southern Vermont College are located in Hunter and Aldis Halls. The services are free to SVC students. Counselors are available:

  • Monday through Friday.
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment only.
  • Appointments can be made by calling 802-447-6343 or emailing
  • Fax: 802-681-2824.

Counseling Services provides a safe, confidential space for students to explore aspects of themselves about which they may feel they cannot talk completely to close friends or family. The Southern Vermont College Counseling Center is staffed by licensed professionals with varied training and years of experience working with diverse college student populations.

If you have questions or are looking for more detailed information on Counseling Services, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide individual and group counseling opportunities to students experiencing personal adjustment or psychological problems;
  • Offer prevention efforts to assist students in identifying and learning skills that will aid them in effectively meeting educational and life goals; and
  • Contribute to a campus environment that facilitates the overall healthy growth and development of students.


The Counseling Services Office maintains strict ethical standards and procedures of privacy and confidentiality in accordance to with the state of Vermont.

Consultations and Referrals

Consultations are typically brief, one-time discussions (in person or by phone) with the Counseling staff to ask questions or relay concerns about someone. Parents, faculty and staff, and other students are encouraged to contact us if you are concerned about a student and have questions. You can either call our office or send us an e-mail message.

Sometimes counselors will refer individuals to other services off campus, either local to campus or back home. These services may provide counseling during summer breaks or an opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist or other professionals who offer different services than we do. These services will require students to use their personal health insurance to cover associated costs.

Not sure if counseling is right for you?

Sometimes you might not be sure if talking with a counselor is right for you. You are welcome to set up an appointment to meet a counselor, learn more about what is available, and see what professional counseling is all about. You can talk about personal issues, vent your frustrations, or find new ways to relax. You bring the issue – we will provide someone to listen and help you examine and evaluate options toward a course of action you are comfortable with.

Alcohol and Other Drug Concerns

College offers a number of choices: “What major do I choose?”- “Where do I want to live?” – “What is the best way to meet new people?” – “What do I want to do this weekend?” These are all important questions that can affect your life in significant ways.

While the SVC Counseling Services Office can offer students the opportunity to discuss all of these issues, we can also help you to look at the role of alcohol and other drugs in your life. We offer confidential consultation, resources, peer education opportunities, and group support. In addition, here are some online resources you may find helpful.

Online resources

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