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A college campus is a very important asset to a community, and in that same vein can be expected to mirror its surrounding community in various ways, not the least of which is crime. Southern Vermont College (SVC) students must realize that living in a small college environment does not exempt them from the outside world, and they should take precautions to prevent assault and crime against themselves and fellow students. For the student’s own protection, they are required to carry their College ID card at all times and show it to any SVC staff employee when requested to do so.

The risk of fire requires each person within the community to take each fire drill seriously and to familiarize themselves with all of the emergency and fire safety procedures and the location of all life-saving equipment on campus. Tampering with this equipment can create a serious risk for everyone and will not be tolerated.

The Southern Vermont Campus Safety Office will work diligently to provide protection for the entire campus; however, each person must also take action to protect themselves.

Most criminals look for and take advantage of vulnerability. The less vulnerable the vehicle, residence, or person, the less chance the criminal will follow through.

In any community, such as SVC, there is the risk of crime, especially petty thievery of personal property when it is not properly secured. The actions we take can cause a criminal to think twice and be deterred.

Simple actions include:

  1. Locking doors at all times.
  2. Not “propping” doors open.
  3. Not leaving keys in a door.
  4. Being cautious when exiting or entering potentially unsafe areas.
  5. Traveling with a friend.
  6. Being aware of suspicious persons or conditions.
  7. Reporting suspicious activity to Campus Safety personnel.
  8. Calling Campus Safety or 911 if threatened or suspect danger.

With the student’s assistance, we are confident that Southern Vermont College will be a very safe place to live, play, and learn. Remember the Campus Safety Officers are here to serve this College in whatever way necessary. Please do not hesitate to call 802-447-4001 (Campus Safety Office) or 802-384-1648 (Campus Safety cell phone).

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