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Crime Prevention

Southern Vermont College has taken sound steps to promote a safe and secure environment. However, no institution can guarantee safety against all risks. Therefore, the entire campus community shares responsibility for crime prevention. The cooperation and participation of each person will help establish a safer learning atmosphere.

We maintain community awareness through the use of posters, pamphlets, special talks with students, and other resources. The Student Government Association and the Residence Life Office provide valuable assistance to this effort. The SVC Campus Safety Office offers an on-call campus escort service designed to prevent students from walking great distances after dark. This is just an example of how we will be taking aggressive measures to discourage criminals. Crime prevention at Southern Vermont College is a community-based program. Involvement by all members of the campus community is essential to its success. The Campus Safety Office strives to provide leadership and direction in this effort. The main goal is to improve the quality of life for members of the campus community.

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