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Student Internship Profiles

Internships provide students the opportunity to apply theories learned in the classroom to practical fieldwork experiences in businesses, agencies, and organizations – a good way to jump start a career. All internships have an on-site supervisor and are overseen by members of the Southern Vermont College faculty.

Below are some internship experiences.

student Makenzie McDonald with site supervisor Melissa StempMackenzie McDonald
Major: Psychology
Internship Site: Bennington Project Independence
Site Supervisor: Melissa Stemp, BSW, Social Worker (photo left)

Bennington Project Independence (BPI) is a not-for-profit agency that provides comprehensive, cost-effective adult day services for those over age 18 who may face the challenges associated with aging and/or disability. During her internship, Makenzie has had the opportunity to participate in and assist with facilitating program activities; attend and participate in administrative and program meetings as well as community meetings; provide 1:1 support; assist in developing plans of care; assist with completion of program paperwork as well as documentation required for participants to obtain/maintain services; attend court hearings; and do research. Melissa says of Makenzie, “Makenzie has shown that she is reliable and professional since day one. She continues to develop upon her skills, she is open to communication/direction, she is flexible, patient, and listens to the concerns being presented to her. Makenzie is willing to jump right in and offer support as needed and does so appropriately.” And of her internship, Makenzie says,  “I’m so thankful I’ve been able to have this experience at BPI. I truly love it.”

student Natalie Canterbury with site supervisor Jennie MoonNatalie Canterbury
Double Major: Biological Sciences and Psychology
Internship Site: Children’s Integrated Services – Early Intervention
Site Supervisor: Jennie Moon’ 08 MBA HR Cert., Program Coordinator (photo left)

The Children’s Integrated Services (CIS)-Early Intervention program for infants and toddlers provides a broad array of services to children with special needs, birth through three years of age, and their families. During her Internship with Early Intervention, Natalie has observed occupational therapy, intake visits with families, and developmental therapy visits. She has attended the CIS Intake/Referral meetings as well as the CIS/PCCT/Consultation meetings. Natalie has prepared intake folders, reorganized the evaluation bags for the developmental educators, and filed paperwork. Jennie says about Natalie, “Natalie is very intelligent. She was helpful in organizing and participating in conversations. She is great at sharing her knowledge. She is always looking for ways to better herself and to learn as much as she possibly can.” And about her Internship, Natalie states, “Interning for Children’s Integrated Services has been extremely educative and inspiring. The women who work for this organization are highly trained in what they do and make a huge difference in the lives of children who are in great need of developmental therapy. I am very thankful to have been given the opportunity to learn from such a great group of women who put everything they have into what they do.”

Joseph Braim with intern site supervisorJoseph Braim
Business Administration – Sports Management
Internship Site: The Lightning Jar
Site Supervisor: Michelle Marrocco, Director (photo left)

The Lightning Jar is a collaboration of business, non-profit, community, and government leaders from Bennington and across Vermont. VSECU is collaborating with The Lightning Jar to host the coworking space within VSECU’s Bennington retail branch that will forward shared principles of membership participation, autonomy, independence, education, cooperation, and community sustainability. During his internship at the Lightning Jar, Joe has had the opportunity to take over the monthly newsletter and blog as well as assist in creating social media strategy. Joe’s efforts on site helped to grow the Lightning Jar’s social media following and email subscriber list. Joe’s supervisor, Michelle, says, “ Joe’s ability to independently create appropriate marketing content for the Lightning Jar improved significantly over the course of his internship. Once he had a firm understanding of our messaging, he was able to leverage existing relationships and grow audiences effectively.” Of his internship with the Lightning Jar, Joe says, “Thanks to SVC. My Internship with the Lightning Jar has been an amazing opportunity. Working one on one with my site supervisor, Michelle, she offered me guidance through the challenges I faced. From learning new skills and resources, the collaboration made available helped my development as a member within the organization. My favorite takeaway from this internship has to be the number of influential community members I was fortunate enough to meet.”

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