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Hometown: Bennington, Vermont
Major: Creative Writing
Class of 2017

Torrey Kurtzner ’18


Torrey, a Creative Writing student in The Hunter Division of Humanities, has worked on campus through a Summer Work-Study program with Diversity Initiatives Director Ivan Figueroa and Director of Career Development and Internships Betsy Dunham. Torrey has made it a point to get involved in several opportunities on and off campus, in ways that have helped him get to know more of a cross section of people which is why he was drawn to SVC. The campus population is rather small, which means the average class will contain roughly 20-30 students,” said Torrey. “This makes learning much more accessible for me, and it also allows for a more personal experience when working with both fellow peers and professors.”

Torrey has also participated as an ambassador and spokesperson for the Humanities Division at an Arts Expo in the town of Bennington. Getting to know his professors and getting involved are some of the reasons Torrey loves his SVC experience. “The professors from the Humanities department are extremely nice and easy to talk to. Also, there are plenty of opportunities for both work-study and internship programs – if you choose to seek them out,” he said.

“After graduating, I’d like to write scripts for film or television—particularly for the genre of humor/satire. I’d also love to move to California and live on a beach in a mobile home trailer.” --Torrey Kurtzner

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