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Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Major: Creative Writing
Class of 2018

Tanisha Wright ’18


What is your major and intended career path?
My major is Creative Writing, and my intended career path is to be a novelist.

What factors helped you choose Southern Vermont College?
A few factors that helped me choose Southern Vermont College was my high school introducing the Mountaineer Scholarship. At SVC’s Open House, I was introduced to a rare opportunity to publish a book. I liked the small classroom sizes and close relationships with faculty and students.

How would you describe your academic experience?
Throughout the years that I’ve been studying at Southern Vermont College my academic experience has been a bit of a roller coaster. Thankfully with the support of professors and friends, also my determination to succeed, I was able to accomplish so much.

Can you share a memorable experience?
One memorable experience I have is at my final track and field meet during my first time participating in a college sport. I was standing in the circle getting ready to do my final throw, and I kept telling myself, “I want to throw a 7.” I managed to throw a 7, and when I turned back to look at my teammates, they cheered for me since I finally beat my PR. When I went to my coach, he said to me, “You know what’s funny as I was watching you up there, I wanted you to give me a 7 and you did it.” I told him, “You know what’s funnier, when I was up there, I wanted to throw a 7.” This experience made me realize that SVC is full of so many supportive people who just want to see you be the best you can be.

Are there any notable accomplishments that you would like to share?
It’s difficult for me to credit a select few of accomplishments, since I feel that everything I’ve achieved here at Southern Vermont College has helped me grow as a person.

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