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Students Profile

Hometown: Oswego, NY
Major: Criminal Justice w/Minor in Environmental Science
Class of 2019

Sydnee Julian ’19


What is your major and intended career path?
I am a Criminal Justice major with an Environmental Science minor. I am Looking to go into Forensic Science after graduating from Southern Vermont College.

What factors helped you choose Southern Vermont College?
I chose Southern Vermont College for several reasons. I enjoyed the small class size SVC offered, the mountainside view, along with the ability to participate in two different athletic programs: soccer and lacrosse. Southern Vermont College also offers multiple majors I was interested in which helped me to select a school to attend.

How would you describe your academic experience?
I would describe my academic experience as an adventure and successful. It is nice to have peer tutoring and professor tutoring as well as using coaches as a resource for my academic experience. My coaches are a great resource and always willing to work with me if I have to miss practice for a class. It is also great to have teammates to help support you.

Can you share a memorable experience?
Volunteering with some of the lacrosse girls in attending A Night to Shine, Tim Tebow Foundation.

Are there any notable accomplishments that you would like to share?

One memorable accomplishment that sticks out to me since being at Southern Vermont College would be making the Provost’s List in Fall of 2016 while being in the middle of soccer season.

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
I would let them know to try to stay as organized the best you can and be ready to learn a lot of time management skills. It is nice to always have a backup major; you never know when you might change your mind. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for help from anyone!

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