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Na’shon Kemp (Nate) ’17

Nate, a senior from Schenectady, N.Y., majoring in Creative Writing in The Hunter Division of Humanities, found out about Southern Vermont College (SVC) through his local Boys and Girls Club. “Coming to SVC gave me a great opportunity to grow and become my own person,” said Nate. “The view was great and the faculty and staff were very welcoming and friendly.”


During his freshman and junior year, he was a member of the Mad Hatters Drama Club. He enjoyed many classes in the Humanities and Business Divisions. “I really like all my teachers; they helped my writing mature,” said Nate. “My scholarship advisor also helps keep me on task and on track.”


He has had some challenging experiences at SVC, but “I was raised to never let the bad outshine the good,” according to Nate. “The faculty are amazing and very hands on, and making friends is quite easy when you’re nice to everyone.” Nate loves to walk, and he has made many friends along the way. During his spare time, Nate likes to play pool, shoot hoops and participate in any game where he can implement physics or some form of math – especially chess. He has a passion for music – playing violin since the 4th grade, saxophone and making his own music on the piano.


Upon graduation, Nates wants to become an author, playwright, journalist and ghost writer.

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