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Students Profile

Billerica, MA
Radiologic Sciences
Class of 2021

Meghan Arthur ’21


What is your major and intended career path?
My major is Radiologic Sciences. The career path I am looking to go into is possible MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasound.

What factors helped you choose Southern Vermont College?
I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to stay local or go somewhere out of Massachusetts. I applied to SVC after having a representative come to my school just to have an option if I wanted to live away from home. I went to Accepted Students Day and fell in love with the school. What really appealed to me was the small classroom atmosphere; it was easier to connect with your teachers. It had a high school feel to it, which made the transition from high school to college easier. I am someone who doesn’t do well in big lectures, so this school felt like a really good choice for me.

How would you describe your academic experience?
So far my academic experience has been great. All my teachers and I have had a first-name basis with each other, they are completely understanding of situations, and overall I would say I have had no problems with any of my teachers.

Can you share a memorable experience?
I remember my first semester of my freshman year I was taking an introduction to psychology course, and several stink bugs came flying into the classroom as I sat by the open window. The professor saw that it bothered me so he stopped class and had a therapy session with me to calm me down. It was odd but it worked; we talked and it was interesting to see how he pinpointed certain things as to why I might be afraid.

Are there any notable accomplishments that you would like to share?
I made Dean’s List both semesters last year. I am a student ambassador in the Office of Admission and a tutor in the Center for Teaching and Learning (academic support).

What advice would you give to an incoming student?
Some advice would be to go to events, get involved with the school. Some things are actually a lot of fun. Also, if you want to join a sport, do it. I joined the lacrosse team my freshman year and I love it. Some of my closest friendships came from joining that team. I guess what it comes down to is don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You can’t grow and discover who you really are until you allow yourself to break through your bubble.

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