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Faculty Profile

Heather Kirn Lanier, MFA

Lecturer, The Hunter Division of Humanities


  • MA in Teaching, Johns Hopkins University
  • MFA in Creative Writing, The Ohio State University


  • English 101 Composition I
  • English 102 Composition II
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Advanced Creative Writing Workshops

Academic Research/Interests

Contemporary Memoir, Innovations in the Essay, Disability Studies, Poetry Writing and Nonfiction Writing

Areas of Expertise

Creative Nonfiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Composition

I love being a student – I love asking questions and pursuing curiosities. I love holding myself in a place of uncertainty and then forging into the unknown, tacking as I learn and unlearn and discover. Teaching is the flip side of learning, and it requires similar skills: a willingness to be uncertain, relentless questioning and reflecting, and open curiosity. As a teacher, I get to foster this love of learning in my students, and I get to learn alongside them.

Best Part of Being at SVC

The small classes and the intimate, mission-driven sense of community. To boot, a quick glimpse out a window offers an instant visual vacation.

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