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Wilmington, VT
Biological Sciences

Chelsey Gallup


Chelsey is currently the President of the Biology Club at SVC, and she is a Teaching Assistant for Biology I. Chelsey states, “Being a science major keeps me pretty busy, especially during my senior year. I am a non-traditional student as well, so when I am not in school I am spending time with my two little girls at home.”

After college, Chelsey plans on continuing on to graduate school to work on her PhD in Evolutionary Biology. “I plan on becoming a research scientist, and would eventually love to head my own research team at some point. My ultimate dream would be to work with NASA on an Astrobiology space research program on the search for life outside our own planet.”

In my experience so far at SVC, the best part has been the amazing support from the professors. They truly are willing to go above and beyond to help you reach your goals, and see you succeed. I have never felt like just another student in a lecture hall, but like a peer learning and growing with my instructors.

Advice for Future Students

"My advice to future students would be to work hard and get your advanced classes out of the way early, so that your senior year can be less stressful. It is important to make sure you have time to focus on prepping for grad schools, and exams like the GRE, MCAT, etc. Having to take upper-level and more involved classes your senior year while having to do all of those other things can be stressful, and I am living proof of that!"

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