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Burlington, CT
Business Administration/Sports Management
Post Graduate Fellow

Brian Veith ’16

Post Graduate Fellow

As a Business Administration and Sports Management major, Brian participated in three national venture competitions including the ABQid Ski Lift Pitch Competition in Taos, New Mexico, where the SVC team pitching a start-up business idea was the only college team represented. His team for the 1Berkshire Pitch competition was awarded a finalist this year.

Brian has been very active on campus, as a three-time Orientation leader and through his work with SVC athletics, where he managed game-day logistics and staffing, including the training of work-study students. At Commencement this year, Brian was awarded the Lynda Curry Award by faculty and staff for his leadership and campus contributions.

He was named one of the first SVC post-graduate Fellows for The McCormick Division of Business, where he will work on the sustainable ventures Moose Lounge and food garden initiatives for the College.

"The best part of being at SVC is the people that are here. You get to know everyone ... You get to grow close with them. Plus the professors are so easy to talk to ... "


I would like to work in the sports field, to become a scout or a coach. A growing interest of mine is to go into the marketing field working for a sports team.

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