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Windsor, CT
Criminal Justice

Amber Flagg


Amber loves playing on the basketball team and having close relationships with everybody on campus. Women’s basketball captain Amber Flagg scored her 1,000th collegiate point on January 3, 2015, becoming the third SVC women’s player to reach the career milestone.

The best part of being at SVC is definitely the small class sizes, because it makes things easier with you and your professor; and I also love how everybody knows everybody's names. It actually seems like people really care about you, even the ones who you think may not.


"My aspirations are to graduate with a BA in Criminal Justice, apply for a policing career and make it through the academy. I want to be a part of the K-9 unit and eventually go undercover."

Advice for Prospective Students

"Make sure you study really hard and never slack or give up even when you want to. All of the hard work will pay off. You either make or break yourself."

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