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Laumeister Art Center – Newly Curated Galleries

moose statue in front of art centerThe Laumeister Art Center at Southern Vermont College (SVC) opened with reimagined curation of its permanent collection and covered bridge museum. The Center is open 10 5 p.m. daily.

Central to the Laumeister Art Center at SVC are several works by Eric Sloane. Sloane was an American landscape painter and author of illustrated books about cultural history and folklore. Highlights of the Sloane Collection include “October Cloudscape,” “Autumn’s Peak,” and “Old Covered Bridge” and early work from 1929.

The Covered Bridge Museum is the world’s first museum dedicated to the preservation of the covered bridge. Exhibits explore engineering, construction, tools, and creators. A display shows a railroad with six Vermont railroad bridges and the museum’s resource center and illuminated map of Vermont’s remaining covered bridges, five of which are nearby in Bennington County. A small theatre features a documentary about covered bridges, models, displays about history, construction, and the cultural impact of the covered bridge in America.

A gallery of Master Bird Carver Floyd Scholz’s carvings showcase his sensitivity to detail with astoundingly real results. Scholz enjoys the drama, grace, and mystery of birds of prey, and his sculptures depict the birds in a highly animated way. The Laumeister Art Center is very proud to host his workshops throughout the summer and fall to students who come from around the country to learn from this extremely talented artist.

The Navajo Rug Gallery contains a Navajo Chief’s Blanket from 1885 which serves as the template for successive styles and generations of weavers. The exhibit traces the development and history of Navajo weaving and highlights.

The Native American Art and Artifacts includes sculpture, paintings, kachina dolls, weaving, and pottery from the Southwest through two galleries and a special artifact room. The Wildlife Collection features paintings by renowned wildlife artists.

Additional information on the Laumeister Art Center is available HERE.

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