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Interdisciplinary Studies

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Associate in Science Degree

The associate’s degree program in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students to design a personalized education plan. Students receive individualized academic advising and a broad educational experience with coursework from a variety of academic disciplines. For this reason, the associate degree is an excellent transfer program that can be used towards the successful completion of a baccalaureate degree in any field. The program includes general education requirements and an area of concentration. The concentration area can be tailored to prepare students for entry into a particular career area or to transfer to another institution.

The degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can be an excellent foundation for transferring into a baccalaureate program in any field, teaching, social‐services delivery, or the arts.

Program Objectives

Graduates will be able to:
1. Demonstrate awareness and improvement of thinking and learning strategies;
2. Demonstrate a proficiency in the broad range of academic knowledge and skills required by the various academic disciplines; and
3. Use the acquired academic knowledge and skills as the foundation for success in future educational and/or career plans.

Program of Study

General Core Requirements (6 courses)

Career Enhancing Requirement (1 course)
Business (one course): Any course with Mg prefix

Major Requirements (7 courses)
Courses are selected from across the Divisions of Business, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences to comprise a rational combination of skills and concepts which formulate a specific focus, for example, Business Communication, Cultural Studies, Diversity, Education, Environmental Studies, Ethics, Gender Studies, Public Relations, or Religious Studies. Only courses approved by the advisor and the Humanities Division Chair will count toward meeting these requirements.

General Electives (2 courses)

Recommended Program Sequence
Students in this degree program work closely with their academic advisors to create an individualized program sequence.

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