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Getting Started for Grad School

Interested in attending graduate school? Here are some steps that will help take you in the right direction!

Begin researching programs based off of your undergraduate interests and curriculum.
Continue exploring by attending the annual Graduate School Fair held during late September or early October in the Burgdorff Gallery. You can also attend the Graduate School Workshop that’s held during the fall.
Create a resource for yourself that will keep you organized and clear on your deadlines and requirements (i.e., number of reference letters, rolling vs. fixed deadlines). Examples include notebooks, spreadsheets, etc.
Get started early on personal statements by doing the following:
  • Double check for specific writing prompts or free writes.
  • Visit the Writing Center EARLY and OFTEN to get feedback on the material you’ve written.
Ideally, you’ve been establishing business relationships with faculty members at SVC. Ask for references who can speak directly to your interests in terms of your work ethic for the specific program that you’re pursuing. And again, asking for these references EARLY is the best and safest way to go.

For more information, contact us at or call 802-447-6631.

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