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Academic Eligibility for Federal Title IV Programs

To remain eligible for these Title IV federal student assistance programs, you must earn a specified number of credit hours and maintain a required grade-point average each year. These are noted in the chart below.

Satisfactory academic progress will be evaluated at the end of the spring semester. It will be reevaluated at the end of the summer session for students who enroll in summer courses. If you fail to maintain the minimum credit hours and/or achieve the required grade-point average, you will be placed on federal financial aid probation and will have one academic year in which to earn sufficient credits or achieve the required grade-point average before losing eligibility. If you are denied federal financial aid for failure to make satisfactory academic progress, you may appeal through the Office of Financial Aid.

GPA Requirements
Total Number of Credits EarnedMinimum Cumulative GPA*
23 credits or less1.75
24+ credits2.00
*Minimum cumulative GPA required for federal and state financial
aid funds. Higher GPA requirements may be required for
institutional and private scholarships.
SVC Credit Completion Requirements(per year of enrollment)
Enrollment StatusMinimum Earned Credits
Full Time (at least 12 credits attempted)20
Half Time10
The minimum earned credit requirement for students with mixed
enrollments will be calculated based on the student’s enrollment
each semester. For example, a student who enrolls three-quarter
time for Fall Semester and half time for Spring Semester must earn a
minimum of 12 credits.
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