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Environmental Sciences

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Bachelor of Science Degree

Our environment is faced with a network of interlinked challenges in climate change, natural resources management, population growth, and sustainability. Students in the Environmental Sciences major will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to develop solutions to complex issues while integrating sustained economic growth with respect for integrity of the environment.

An Environmental Sciences major focuses on trying to understand and solve the problems plaguing our environment. It will prepare a student for careers in wildlife and natural resource management, conservation, environmental consulting, ecological restoration, environmental toxicology and abatement, water quality sciences, renewable energy systems, or further postgraduate education.

An integrated, interdisciplinary approach combining social, physical and natural sciences, humanities, and business is at the foundation of the program. Students in Environmental Sciences will utilize the vast natural resources on our historic campus in their courses, which are structured with an integrated lab and lecture paradigm. Students integrate their knowledge with practical experience by participating in an internship.

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