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Administrators, Faculty, and Staff Directory

The small size of Southern Vermont College allows prospective students to communicate directly with all faculty and staff. Listed below are their phone numbers and email addresses.

President’s Office
Evans, David President 802-447-6319
Smith, Melissa Administrative Assistant 802-447-6319
Academic Programs & Services
Burg, Jennifer Dean of the Faculty and Associate Professor 802-447-4007
The McCormick Division of Business
Hills, Stacey Chair 802-447-6359
Gorham, Jebediah Faculty 802-447-6382
Williamson, David Faculty 802-681-2825
The Hunter Division of Humanities
Levy, Daisy Chair Levy, Daisy 802-447-6387
Despard, Eric Faculty 802-681-2889
Robinson, Kirk Faculty 802-681-2822
Sinkiewich, Lynda Faculty 802-447-6373
Winterhalter, Greg Faculty – Emeritus N/A
Division of Nursing and Health Services
Botter, Mary L. Division Chair; Chief Nursing Officer, Southwestern Vermont Health Care 802-447-6347
Boni, Sheila Associate Division Chair; Associate Chief Nursing Officer, Southwestern Vermont Health Care 802-447-6346
Berthiaume, Christa Interim BSN Program Director 802-681-2877
North, Melissa RN-BSN Program Coordinator 802-447-6355
Lippacher, Linda Faculty/Program Director of Radiologic Sciences 802-447-6338
Dufresne, Alyssa Faculty 802-681-2875
Smith, Christina Faculty 802-447-4656
Steele, Joanne Faculty 802-447-6378
Sullivan, Jessica Faculty 802-681-2833
Walsh, Julie Faculty 802-447-6307
Shields, Tammy Administrative Assistant 802-447-4661
The John Merck Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Nelson, Jennifer Division Chair 802-447-6327
Corcoran, Andrea Faculty 802-681-2867
Fried, Melinda Faculty 802-447-4096
Postava-Davignon, Marielle Faculty 802-447-4663
Thompson, Jeffery Faculty 802-447-6389
The Donald Everett Axinn Division of Social Sciences
Herzberg, Judith Division Chair 802-681-2865
Adkins, Margaret Faculty 802-681-2885
Merges, Renee Faculty 802-447-6385
Nosek, Sarah Faculty 802-447-6348
Redden, Tom Faculty 802-447-6350
Sisti, Helene Faculty 802-681-2831
Sanfilippo, Sarah Director of Library Resources 802-447-6312
Center for Teaching and Learning
Lindenberg, David Director 802-447-6360
Oakes, Darcy Learning Differences Coordinator 802-447-6372
Burns, Catherine Learning Specialist, Tutor Coordinator 802-447-4674
Donati, Stefano Learning Differences Assistant 802-447-6364
Faxon, Nancy Academic Advisor 802-681-2874
Zwinge, Tiffany Administrative Assistant 802-447-6375
Career Development & Internships
Dunham, Betsy Director 802-447-4631
College Steps Program
Makuch, Gail Program Coordinator 802-447-4078
Administration & Finance
Macksey, Jennifer Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance 802-447-6310
Gould, Kimberly Assistant Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Title IX Coordinator 802-447-6333
Zieba, Wendy Controller 802-447-6392
Gould, Kimberly Virtual Bookstore Manager 802-447-6333
Business Office
Reed, Kathy Accounts Payable Coordinator 802-447-6340
Daignault, Glory Accounting and Payroll Specialist 802-447-6341
Student Financial Services
Rochette, Susan Director of Student Financial Services 802-447-6339
Lentz, Phylle Associate Director of Financial Aid 802-447-6331
Pilling, Donna Student Accounts Manager 802-447-4052
Robertson, Danielle Student Financial Services Coordinator  802-447-6366
Computer Service Center
IT Technical Support 802-447-6344
Facilities 802-447-6322
Human Resources
Sheringham, Carole Director 802-447-6358
Mailroom & Campus Store
Boisvert, Patrick Manager 802-447-6318
The Laumeister Art Center at Southern Vermont College
Lentzner, Nina Arts Center Coordinator 802-442-7158
Bushee, Matthew Facilities Manager 802-442-7158
Enrollment Management
To schedule a campus visit, please call 1-802-447-6300 or use this form.
Summers II, Daniel Vice President for Enrollment Management 802-447-6300
Pilling, Lindsay ’14 Director 802-447-4696
Mancino, Ben Assistant Director 802-681-2886
Gundler, Allie Assistant Director of Transfer Admission 802-447-4044
Lopez, Gabriela Assistant Director of Admission Operations 802-447-4059
D’Agnese, Nikolas Admission Counselor 802-447-2688
Rice, Travis Admission Counselor 802-447-2688
Pedersen, Casey Transfer Counselor  802-447-4610
Registrar & Institutional Research
Hatton, Alan Registrar  802-447-6324
Piazza, Emma Director of Institutional and Enrollment Research 802-447-4654
Whiteford, Marion Assistant to the Registrar 802-447-6324
Advancement (Development & Communications)
Moser, Nina G. Vice President for College Advancement 802-447-4046
TBA Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Social Media 802-447-6317
Whiteford, Marion Assistant Director of Communications 802-447-6388
Gowan, Christin Interim Director of Athletics/Head Women’s Basketball Coach/Senior Woman Administrator 802-447-4659
Nosek, Michael Assistant Director of Athletics for Communications 802-447-4672
Zauzig, Michael Head Women’s Soccer Coach/Athletics Facilities Liaison 802-447-4639
Gilmore, Greg Head Men’s Soccer Coach/Athletics Communications Assistant 802-447-4684
Blankenship, Jarrett Head Cross Country/Track & Field Coach 802-447-4640
Boyer, Paxton Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach 802-447-4081
Johnson, Brian Head Men’s Basketball Coach 802-447-4012
McDonough, Emily Head Softball Coach 802-447-4671
Robidoux, Patrick Head Men’s & Women’s Volleyball Coach 802-447-4657
Skonieczki, Adam Head Baseball Coach  802-447-4662
Deedy, Patrick Head Athletic Trainer 802-447-4670
Swart, Becca Assistant Athletic Trainer 802-447-4602
Mountaineer Scholars & Diversity Initiatives
Figueroa, Ivan Director 802-447-4692
Student Life
Quire, Heather Dean of Students 802-447-6323
Blankenship, Lydia Administrative Assistant to Dean of Students 802-447-6323
Residence Life & Student Programs
Davis, Allison Assistant Director of Student Affairs for Residence Life & Student Conduct 802-681-2845
Doughty, Elizabeth Residence Director 802-447-4667
Ames, Audrey Coordinator of Student Engagement  802-447-6328
Wellness Center – Counseling Services
Fox, Ashley Brooke Director of Student Counseling Services 802-447-6343
Yinger, Leanne Counselor 802-447-6363
Wellness Center – Health Services
Berg, Debbie Nurse 802-447-4355
Title IX
Gould, Kimberly Coordinator 802-447-6333
Davis, Allison Deputy Coordinator 802-681-2845
Sheringham, Carole Deputy Coordinator 802-447-6358
Dining Services
Ackert, Samantha General Manager 802-447-4024
Campus Safety
Waldon, James G. Director 802-447-4004
Cooper, Roland (Ron) Sergeant  802-447-4001
Campus Safety Officers 802-447-4001
Student Government Association
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