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Writing Placement

The Writing Placement Exam deadline has passed. This form is no longer available.

Before you can enroll in a required first-year writing course (EN101 or EN150), you must take the Writing Placement Exam. For more information about these courses, please read the English course listings in the SVC Catalog.

The Writing Placement Exam involves you writing an essay that responds to one of two possible writing prompts. Your written response should not exceed 1,000 words. The writing prompts are:

Prompt 1: Write a letter to your fellow college students about the biggest problem facing your generation. In your letter, you should identify the problem and explain why you think it is the most significant issue that your generation is facing. Be sure to use specific examples and details to support your position.

Prompt 2: Write a letter to high school students about the top three things to consider when preparing to go to college. In your letter, you should identify the top three things to consider and explain why you think they are the most important. Be sure to use specific examples and details to support your position.

You might find it useful to write/type and then save a copy of your essay in a word processing program. If you copy/paste your essay from a word processing program, make sure that the text appears the way you expect it to. You should proofread and edit your work.

Because the purpose of the Writing Placement Exam is to place you into a writing course that meets your needs, it is in your best interest to write the exam without extra assistance. You want to provide a genuine indication of what your writing is really like. We ask that you adhere to the principles of academic integrity that you will be expected to follow at SVC; please refer to the Community Standards of Conduct for more information about academic dishonesty.

Faculty who teach first-year writing courses will read your exam and determine your placement into EN101 English Composition I or the accelerated course En150 Advanced Composition.

As we read your exam, we will be thinking about the following:

  • Does the author stay focused throughout the essay?
  • Does the author fully and effectively explain ideas to readers?
  • How well does the structure of the essay help the author communicate ideas to readers?
  • How well does the author use English (grammar, style, mechanics, word choice, etc.) to communicate ideas?

Please submit your Writing Placement Exam as soon as possible. Placement results will be emailed to students’ academic advisors who will then communicate with their advisees.

Technical questions about the exam should be directed to the SVC Admissions office. For more information about writing placement at SVC, contact the Composition Coordinator in the Humanities Division.

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