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The McCormick Division of Business



Business Administration (choose 5 of the following courses):
Mg110 Accounting Fundamentals
Mg120 Foundations of Economics
Mg130 Marketing Fundamentals
Mg150 Organizational Managemen
Mg210 Operational Finance
Mg225 Business Law

Students in The McCormick Division of Business may not pursue a minor within the Division. However, they are encouraged to use their general electives to obtain a minor from another division. This decision will require careful planning with the student’s advisor.

Our Mission

The Division of Business offers students the skills and competencies necessary to succeed in a dynamic and globalized business world. Our coursework is both challenging and relevant, incorporating a focus on strategic thinking with applied practice in the community. Through this focused preparation, we strive to build intellectual curiosity, build critical thinking and analytical skill, and encourage the ethical strength and behavior needed for jobs and career advancement in our complex business environments.

The Curriculum

All students in the McCormick Division of Business complete 12 courses of general education (the General Core). This is followed by 6 courses of business foundation courses fundamental to all industries and markets (The Professional Core). The remainder of the major is composed of focused upper‐level courses for the major, upper‐division business electives, and general electives of the student’s choice.

This balanced approach prepares students with competencies in business fundamentals, oral and written communications, reading, writing, information literacy, critical and creative thinking, ethical decision‐making, and global citizenship. Required class projects, practica, and internships put students in the “real world lab” working with local businesses and non‐profit organizations. All students within the Division have the opportunity to work in one of our Division‐run applied venture initiatives, such as our café/lounge or sustainable food garden. Credit and non‐credit options are available, as are a very limited and occasional number of paid opportunities. Please see Division faculty for more information.

Our Faculty

The Division’s full- and part-time faculty are both experienced educators and real-world practitioners, and they bring this balance into the classroom. Specializing in small and medium-sized businesses and non-profits, these men and women run their own organizations, sit on boards of directors, and consult regularly. Additionally, many of our faculty hold PhDs in their specialty fields, allowing them to bring the best of theory and research into their practice.

Upon Graduation

Within the Division of Business, we are committed to developing students into young professionals with integrity and a commitment to excellence. Graduating students are prepared to be employed by large corporations, small/family businesses, professional practices, financial institutions, governmental agencies, or to start their own business.

Students may also prepare for advanced training programs in business and graduate studies. Southern Vermont College currently maintains several articulation agreements with graduate programs at local colleges and universities that allow the College’s graduates to prepare for and transition to post‐bachelor’s degree education.

To that end, all graduates of The McCormick Division of Business will demonstrate effective:

  • Oral and written communication, using both formal and informal means
  • Strategic analysis of scenarios/issues across organizational forms and industries
  • Ethical and stakeholder‐driven problem solving
  • Professionalism and maturity in working with others

Students are encouraged to think of their Division experience as the start of their professional career and to work closely with their advisor, each of the faculty, and the Career Development and Internships Office to develop and work toward their post-graduation goals.

Sustainable Ventures Program Certification

In addition to our majors, the Business Division offers the opportunity for certification in Sustainable Ventures. Since 2016, the Sustainable Ventures Program provides students across majors an excellent opportunity to achieve nearly 1,000 hours of hands‐on, competency‐based training and education through an academic coursework series of 2 practica and 4 internships.

To achieve this certification, a student will first talk with their advisor to select a target industry area or concentration for competency‐based work (i.e. Non‐Profit Management, Business Development, Event Management, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.). Then, working together with the Director of the Sustainable Ventures Program, the student will develop and pitch an academic implementation plan to a select panel of faculty and staff. Students electing the Business Development option may also work in tandem with area entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to hone and launch their own business venture.

Once approved, the panel will assist the student in the identification of practica/internship sites, networking contacts, specific competencies to be obtained, and metrics for successful demonstration of those competencies.

Students must successfully complete each practica and internship in order to remain in the program and receive certification. Upon completion of each  experience, students provide both a comprehensive oral presentation to the panel and invited guests, as well as a multi‐media portfolio demonstrating the
completion of each competency.

Craft Beverage Certificate Option
Within the Sustainable Ventures Program, individuals may seek specialization in the craft beverage industry. Coursework includes marketing and promotion, operations and supply chain, among others. Students are required to participate in 2 internship and 2 practica for a total of 640 industry-specific training hours.

For information, contact Dr. Jebediah Gorham, Director of the Sustainable Ventures Program, at

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