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Minor: Biology

  • NS102 General Biology 1
  • NS103 General Biology 2
  • 3 biology electives at the 200-level or above, at least 1 at 300-level

Cellular and Molecular Biology Concentration: Select electives from: Ns240, Ns285, Ns300, Ns310, Ns320, Ns340, Ns380
Ecology and Environment Concentration: Select electives from Ns200, Ns215, Ns270, Ns380, Ns420, Ns450
Healthcare Concentration: Select electives from Ns221, Ns235, Ns236, Ns240, Ns270, Ns285, Ns300, Ns310, Ns320, Ns340, Ns370, Ns380

Students may not use an Ns course to fulfill the Ns General Core requirement and a Biology Minor requirement. Students majoring in Biological Sciences cannot also minor in Biology.

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