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Biological Sciences

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Biological Sciences program is designed to stimulate intellectual and personal growth through an examination of the fundamental properties of living systems, the application of experimental and descriptive methods of discovery, and the consideration of the social, ethical, and aesthetic aspects of biological knowledge. Both the rigor and flexibility of the program will help students enter employment or post‐baccalaureate studies with a competitive advantage, while allowing students to choose an individualized course of study with an emphasis in Ecology and Environment, Cellular and Molecular Biology, or Pre‐Professional Studies.

Program Goals

  • Students will become competent in laboratory techniques and scientific method.
  • Students will demonstrate effective and appropriate communications skills.
  • Students will utilize critical-thinking skills.
  • Students will display professionalism.

Intended Student Educational Outcomes:

  • Scientific Method: Students will inquire, generate hypotheses, design experiments, and conduct research.
  • Laboratory Competence: Students will demonstrate competency in safe laboratory techniques and current best practices.
  • Written Communication: Students will write effectively including in proper scientific report formats.
  • Oral Communication: Students will demonstrate proper oral presentation and communication skills.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will be able to analyze and interpret graphs, figures, and data from laboratory work, scientific literature, and case studies.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will utilize scientific, statistic, quantitative, and qualitative reasoning.
  • Professionalism: Students will use science to responsibly and ethically engage with their communities.

Program of Study: Biological Sciences

General Core Requirements:

  • En101 English Composition I
  • En102 English Composition II OR En150 Advanced Composition
  • Fy100 Quest for Success: The First Year Experience
  • Ns380 Undergraduate Research (Capstone Course)
  • Humanities Core (two)
  • Natural Sciences Core (see Ns102 and Ma120 below)
  • Social Sciences Core (two)
  • Career Enhancing: Ma202 Statistical Methods and choose one more course

Major Requirements

  • Ma120 College Algebra (satisfies Natural Sciences Core)
  • Ns102 General Biology I (satisfies Natural Sciences Core)
  • Ns103 General Biology II
  • Ns104 General Chemistry I
  • Ns105 General Chemistry II
  • Ns150 General Physics I
  • Ns160 General Physics II
  • Ns350 Organic Chemistry I
  • Ns360 Organic Chemistry II

Choose one of the following:
Organismal courses:

  • Ns120 Human Biology
  • Ns200 Ecology
  • Ns215 Animal Behavior
  • Ns235 Anatomy & Physiology I
  • Ns236 Anatomy & Physiology II
  • Ns420 Topics in Organismal Biology
  • Ns450 Comparative Zoology

Choose one of the following:
Cellular/Molecular courses:

  • Ns240 Medical Microbiology
  • Ns285 Cellular Biology
  • Ns300 Genetics
  • Ns310 Immunology
  • Ns320 Biochemistry
  • Ns340 Molecular Biology
  • Ns370 Endocrinology

Natural Sciences Electives: Choose three 300/400-level Ns courses

General Electives: Choose 8 courses

Recommended Program Sequence
First Year – Fall
En101 English Composition I
Fy100 Quest for Success: The First Year Experience
Ns102 General Biology I
General Core

First Year – Spring
En102 English Composition II
Ma120 College Algebra
Ns103 General Biology II
General Core

Second Year – Fall
Ns104 General Chemistry I
Organismal Core
General Core
General Core

Second Year – Spring
Ns105 General Chemistry II
Molecular Core
General Core

Third Year – Fall
Ns350 Organic Chemistry I
Natural Sciences Elective
Natural Sciences Elective

Third Year – Spring
Ns360 Organic Chemistry II
Natural Sciences Elective

Fourth Year – Fall
Ns150 General Physics I
Ma202 Statistical Methods

Fourth Year – Spring
Ns160 General Physics II
Research (Capstone course)

A grade of C or higher is required for Ma120 College Algebra. A grade of C- or higher is required for the following courses: Ns102 General Biology I, Ns104 General Chemistry I, and Ns150 General Physics I.

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