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Social Sciences Minor: Psychology

The purpose of the minor in Psychology is to support and supplement the degrees of non‐majors. Understanding the causes and consequences of human behavior will enhance knowledge in several non‐psychology majors at Southern Vermont College and will teach students to be more compassionate, ethical, and socially just professionals in their respective fields. For example, a student majoring in biological sciences may have an interest in learning about health disparities in today’s society so that they can combat those disparities in their future career through research or practice.

Program of Study

The minor requires 5 courses and a minimum of 2 courses in Psychology taken at the 300- and/or 400-level **

General Core Requirement
Py150 Psychology

Choose one of each from Developmental, Theoretical and Clinical Psychology – Focus Areas (3 courses):

Developmental Focus Area
Py203 Lifespan Development (ADD)
Py205 Child Growth and Development
Py206 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
Py207 The Exceptional Child
Py307 Issues in Adolescence
Py430 Death and Dying

Theoretical Focus Area
Py204 Family Dynamics
Py230 Cognition, Learning, and Memory
Py303 Human Sexuality
Py310 Social Psychology
Py330 Biologic Basis of Behavior

Clinical Focus Area
Py208 Chemical Dependency
Py250 Case Management
Py351 Health and Stress
Py403 Group Counseling
Py415 Conflict Resolution
Py440 Schools of Psychotherapy

Choose one Psychology Elective 

**Students majoring in fields that require psychology courses as part of their degree cannot use those courses as part of fulfilling the minor requirement.

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