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Special Academic Offerings

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A Southern Vermont College education helps expand your horizons to see that there is more to education, more to life, more to learning. The College offers a variety of special programs that assist students with their education.

Individualized Degree Programs

Students with special academic interests and career goals may formulate their own degree programs from courses within the scope of the College’s academic offerings. Students wishing to pursue an individualized degree program must meet degree and residency requirements common to all degree candidates. Application forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.

Simulation Learning and SVC Simulation Laboratory

SVC provides the opportunity for Nursing and Radiologic Sciences students to engage in simulation learning in low- and high-fidelity simulation laboratories in our Healthcare Education Center. Simulation learning allows learners to practice collaborative learning, which enhances their cognitive, social, and leadership skills. Within the laboratory setting, learners are able to practice providing care (from birth to adulthood and beyond) on anatomically-correct patient simulators in the safety of a simulated practice setting. They participate in computer-programmed simulation of complex medical, surgical, pediatric, and psychiatric emergencies. Learners also engage in computer simulated conversations to practice interviewing and therapeutic communication. The simulation laboratory setting allows for repetition of difficult skills and the opportunity to practice unusual scenarios that a learner may face in real-life, clinical situations. Equipped with advanced audio and visual technology, recording of simulation scenarios allows for group debriefing with discussion, analysis, and evaluation.

Alpha Chi

Alpha Chi is a national honor recognition society with over 300 chapters. The Vermont Delta Chapter number 351 was installed at Southern Vermont College in 1999. Alpha Chi admits students from all academic disciplines. Membership is limited to the top 10 percent of an institution’s juniors, seniors, and graduate students. For more information regarding Alpha Chi, see their website.

President’s List

Full-time students who have achieved a cumulative minimum GPA of 3.8 for both the fall and spring semesters in an academic year are placed on the President’s List. Those students included on the President’s List have completed at least 12 credits of graded coursework with no incompletes or grades below C at the close of each semester.

Dean’s List

Each semester, full‐time students who have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.65 are placed on the Dean’s List. Those students included on the Dean’s List have completed at least 12 credits of graded coursework with no incompletes or grades below C at the close of the semester.

Commendation List

Part-time students who have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.50 and completed between 6 and 11 credits of graded coursework with no incompletes or grades below C at the close of the semester are named to the Commendation List.

Graduation Honors

Valedictorian and Salutatorian
Valedictorian and salutatorian are two of the highest distinctions our students may be awarded upon graduation. The honor of valedictorian and salutatorian may only be awarded to students who have graduated in the previous fall semester or are graduating at the end of the spring semester; students participating in commencement ceremonies but not graduating until the following summer semester may not earn this honor. The valedictorian is the graduating student with the highest cumulative GPA while the salutatorian is the graduating student with the second highest cumulative GPA. Both the valedictorian and salutatorian must have earned at least 60 graded (A‐F) credits at Southern Vermont College. The CGPA used to determine this honor is calculated at the end of the spring semester. Evaluation and eligibility of these titles/honors will be reviewed by the Academic Standards and Policy Committee.

Latin Honors
Students who participate in SVC’s commencement ceremony may be recognized by excellent academic performance with traditional Latin honors based on their cumulative GPA as it stands at the end of the previous fall semester as follows:

•    3.90+ CGPA – Summa Cum Laude;
•    3.70-3.89 CGPA – Magna Cum Laude; and
•    3.50-3.69 CGPA – Cum Laude.

Study Abroad

Study abroad is an important way for students at SVC to enhance their academic experience and inform their global perspective. Study Abroad at SVC is coordinated through International Studies Abroad (ISA). ISA has provided college students in the United States and Canada with the opportunity to explore the world for over 25 years. Students are required to have a GPA of 2.50 or above and be in good standing with the Office of the Dean of Students to be eligible for Study Abroad. Students interested in study abroad should contact the Office of Career Development and Internships for detailed information.

To get started, students should take the following important actions:

  • Review the over 80 programs in 17 countries on the ISA website and choose those that seem to fit one’s needs;
  • Meet one’s Academic Advisor to review courses, degree audit, and overall program “fit” with one’s academic plans;
  • Meet with the Office of Student Financial Services to review one’s financial obligation (there is an additional cost for Study Abroad opportunities); and
  • Meet with the Director of Career Development & Internships to review application materials and requirements.

Information regarding study abroad programs can be obtained from the Career Development Office or on the ISA website.

Here are the FIRST STEPS for study abroad process and requirements.

Independent Study

Independent study is restricted to degree requirements necessary for degree progression. Independent studies must be approved by the instructor, faculty advisor, Division Chair, and the Dean of the Faculty. Students must have a minimum 2.70 GPA, have completed En101 and 102 or En150, and have completed 48 credit hours. Independent Study Application forms are available in the Registrar’s Office.


Internships provide students with the opportunity to apply theories learned in the classroom to practical field work experiences in businesses, agencies, and organizations. Internships may lead to regular employment after graduation and often provide valuable skills and training for post‐graduate endeavors. To qualify for the internship program, students must have earned 64 credit hours (or at least a junior status) and at least a 2.0 GPA. Additionally, students are required to obtain approval from their faculty advisor and the Internship Director. Because internship courses require a specific standard of professional preparedness, the Internship Director, in consultation with relevant faculty, reserves the right to decline and/or postpone approval of internships for students who do not sufficiently meet the professional expectations of the course. Learn more.

Cross-registration with Bennington College

Through cross‐registration, Southern Vermont College allows students the opportunity to take courses at Bennington College while still enrolled at SVC. Authorization to cross‐register will be given to students if the proposed course(s) is not currently offered at Southern Vermont College. No extra charge is assessed to full‐time matriculated students with at least one‐half of the credits registered through Southern Vermont College. There is a limit to ten students per semester.

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