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Learning Differences Support Program

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About Us

The Learning Differences Support Program (LDSP) is under the umbrella of the Center for Teaching and Learning and offers a highly supportive environment for students with documentation of significant educational need. Reasonable accommodations that match the area of documented need are available to students who qualify. LDSP support and resources are tailored to a student’s individual learning style, strengths, and needs. For more information, contact the LDSP Office at 802-447-6372,

Is the Learning Differences Support Program Right for You?

Applicants considering the Southern Vermont College Learning Differences Support Program (LDSP) should be aware of the following points when deciding whether the LDSP is appropriate for their needs:

  • Applicants to the program must submit written documentation from a qualified provider verifying that a disability exists and identifying its nature.
  • Participants in the program should possess skills in the average range in the areas of reasoning and conceptual ability and a profile that suggests the ability to succeed in college despite language-based disabilities and/or other deficit areas..
  • Attainment of at least a 9th-grade level of reading comprehension is optimal for academic success.
  • Participants should typically expect 30-minute tutoring sessions no more than two to three times a week.
  • Participants needing a reduced course load may take four classes and still be considered full-time students.
  • Ours is not a comprehensive program. We do not monitor medications, read exams to students, or assist with activities for daily living.
  • Mental-health services at the College are available on a limited basis. Students who require long-term assistance are referred to mental-health providers in the Bennington community at the student’s expense.
  • Read what Support Services and Accommodations are available.
  • Check out Frequently Asked Questions.

The Southern Vermont College Office of Admission does not consider information regarding a student’s disability in admission decisions; nonetheless, the College strongly recommends that applicants with disabilities contact the Director of the Learning Differences Program to understand whether the College and the LDSP can meet their needs.

For more information, fill out the Learning Differences Support Program form.

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