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History and Politics

Bachelor of Science Degree

The Bachelor of Science degree in History and Politics combines two traditional academic disciplines: history and political science. These fields of study dovetail nicely given that political scientists analyze political events within a historical context and historians have borrowed extensively from the theoretical insights developed by political scientists in recent decades. Put another way, historians attempt to discover “what happened?” historically and political scientists seek to “explain why events happen?”

In light of the globalized and interdependent world we live in today, the major combines a focus on United States history and politics with a deep exploration of the world beyond our borders. Implicit in this major, as with all SVC programs, is the understanding that we are educating human beings with hearts and minds who need to develop sensitivities and understandings for those in the world who are different than we are. The program’s requirements for graduates to study abroad or engage in an internship closer to home is seen as part of this process of growth.

The curriculum is designed to prepare students seeking a career in law, public policy, business, education and various other fields. For example, law schools today are less interested in students with an undergraduate degree in pre‐law than students with the academic skills and personal maturity that are at the heart of the liberal arts experience. Business leaders today are very explicit that technical skills alone are inadequate for college graduates; they seek employees who can think, are articulate, and can work effectively with colleagues.

The curriculum has been crafted with teacher certification at the secondary level in mind as well. A graduate from the History and Politics major will have satisfied the bulk of the content requirements of a Social Studies Teaching Certification for grades 7 to 12. Some additional coursework in Social Studies may be required in addition to the education courses that are part of all 7‐12 state teaching certifications.

History and Politics Program Objectives

Graduates in History and Politics will be able to:

1. Understand the global nature of the world we live in.
2. Develop an understanding of how historical events have shaped current culture, beliefs and attitudes.
3. Understand the political structure and climate of the United States and how that shapes our current society and our dealings with other countries and cultures.
4. Identify areas of inequality within our world, and develop and appreciation for social equality.

History and Politics Major Requirements: 13 courses (52 credits)

General Core Requirements
Hp402 Senior Thesis in History and Politics – Capstone

History and Politics Requirements:

  • Hp100 Introduction to History and Political Science
  • Hp150 World History Prior to 1500
  • Hp200 Introduction to American Politics
  • Hp201 Comparative Politics
  • Hp208 U.S. History I: The Colonial Era Through Reconstruction
  • Hp209 U.S. History II: Reconstruction Through the Present
  • Hp215 International Relations
  • Hp401 Research Seminar in History and Politics

Choose at least two of the following Area Studies:

  • Hp305 Middle East Politics
  • Hp310 Modern Asia
  • Hp315 Modern African History and Politics
  • Hp320 Latin American History and Politics

Study abroad/Practicum: Hp350
4-16 credits

General Electives: Choose 9 courses

A student must complete a minimum of 5 courses at the 300- or 400-level in the major.

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