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General Core for Bachelor’s Degree

To accomplish its mission and to achieve campus-wide goals, Southern Vermont College addresses five College competencies throughout its curriculum. Through learning within and across disciplines, students completing the curriculum will be able to demonstrate skills in the following areas.

Communicate − collect, organize, evaluate, and articulate ideas and information effectively
Reason/Inquire − use questions, reflection, and critical thinking to solve problems, set and achieve goals, and create meaning
Innovate/Create − present, represent, and circulate ideas, process, react, and create a collection of work
Engage − develop ethical, responsible, and inclusive practices
Contribute – enter and participate actively in multiple and diverse communities for purposes of individual and collective achievement

Southern Vermont College has an instructional program built on a 4×4 curriculum. As such, most courses will be four (4) credits, and a standard full-time load will be constituted by four (4) of these courses (4×4) each semester.

Entering into the Discussion
    Writing Courses (2 courses): Traditional: En101 English Composition I and En102 English Composition II or Advanced Option: En150 Advanced Composition and any other Cw or En course (approved by the Humanities Division Chair).8
    Introductory Bookend Course: Fy100 Quest for Success: The First Year Experience – (required for students with less than 12 college level credits)4
Exploring the Diversity
    Humanities (2 courses): Ar, Cm, Cw, En, Hu, Mu, and Ph Prefixes; also includes any language course8
    Social Sciences (2 courses): Cj, Hp, Hs, Py, and So Prefixes8
    Natural Sciences and Mathematics (2 courses): Ev, Ma, and Ns Prefixes8
   Career Enhancing Courses (2 courses): Mg or Hc Prefix; also includes En100, En300, En303, Cm360, and any language course. Nursing and Radiologic Sciences majors may choose other courses relevant to their major as career enhancing. These courses must be approved by the Division Chair.8
Consolidating Knowledge
    Advanced Bookend Course: These advanced courses in professionalization are set by each major or academic division.4

Students are required to take at least two courses from the Exploring the Diversity section at the 300- or 400-level.

Certain areas of study must be part of a student’s coursework in the following areas: Sustainability, Ethics, and Human Diversity.

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