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General Core

General Core

The general core courses provide the breadth of learning necessary to meet the challenges of a lifetime of independent and creative thinking. All students at SVC are required to take the following core courses in addition to the courses required by their chosen degree programs:

Entering into the Discussion
    Writing Courses (two courses): Traditional: En101 English Composition I and En102 English Composition II, Advanced Option: En150 Advanced Composition and any other Cw or En course.8
    Introductory Bookend Courses: Fy100 Quest for Success. This course can be taken in any major. Transfer students may use an elective course to fulfill this requirement.4
Exploring the Diversity
    Humanities (two courses): Ar, Cm, Cw, En, Hu, Mu, or Ph Prefixes8
    Social Sciences (two courses): Cj, Hp, Py, or So Prefixes8
    Natural Sciences and Math (two courses): Ev, Ma, or Ns Prefixes8
   Career Enhancing Courses (two courses): Ac, Ba, Be, Ec, IT, or Mg; also includes En 100, En300, En303 and other courses with permission of the Provost8
Consolidating Knowledge
    Advanced Bookend Course: These advanced courses in professionalization are set by each major or academic division.4
Students will also . . .
  •     As part of the Core, students are required to take at least two courses (8 credits) from the Exploring the Diversity section at the 300-400 level. Certain areas of study must be part of a student’s coursework in the following areas: – SustainabilityEthics Human Diversity.

Course listings will include designations of what courses across the SVC Curriculum may satisfy these requirements. Any course to fulfill one of these requirements could be taken to fulfill students’ requirements in either academic majors OR in Core OR in general electives. These requirements will be double-counted (and will be the only courses to do so).

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