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BSN Program Student Handbook

The BSN Program prepares individuals for professional careers. The academic requirements are rigorous and require motivation and dedication well beyond the classroom and clinical laboratory assignments and expectations. As such, the BSN Program has specific and select academic policies that are different from the general College requirements. The BSN Program Student Handbook is intended to supplement the Southern Vermont College Catalog. The Student Handbook provides information and policies of the BSN Program. The information in the Student Handbook is current as of the time of publication, and changes may occur during the academic year. Questions about the details of policies should be directed to the Chair and/or Faculty of the BSN Program. Changes in policy during the academic year will be communicated to students via SVC email notification. The Student Handbook is revised annually prior to the start of the fall semester. Students are accountable for reading and understanding all of the information in the BSN Program Student Handbook including the policies for the current year and any changes made during the academic year.

Download BSN Program Student Handbook 2018-2019.

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