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Business Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree

In today’s business environment, managers and supervisors must have the ability to communicate and
motivate employees in a changing work environment. In addition, managers must have the technical
expertise and financial skills necessary to make decisions in a dynamic economy. The Business
Administration degree provides an in‐depth study of management and allows students to have
laboratory‐learning opportunities through internships and class projects to put theory into practice.
In addition to the stated Division goals for all students, graduates of the Business Administration
program will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the theories, skills and practices across their selected major
    coursework (e.g. marketing, finance, etc.)
  • Develop creative and critical thinking through independent business and research projects
  • Complete a minimum of one capstone course or internship experience

Program of Study

General Core Requirements (12 courses)

Entering the Discussions (3 courses):

Writing Courses
En101  English Composition I
En102  English Composition II 

Bookend Course
Fy100 Quest for Success: The First Year Experience

Exploring Diversity (8 courses)

Humanities Courses
Two courses with Ar, Cm, Cw, En, Hu, Mu, and Ph Prefixes; also includes any language course

Social Sciences
Two courses in Criminal Justice, History & Politics, Psychology, or Social Sciences

Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Two courses in Biology, Environmental Studies, Math, or Natural Science

Career Enhancing
Two courses in Business Administration, Management, or related discipline

Consolidating Knowledge (one course)
Mg480 Business Ventures or Mg490 Internship

Professional Core (6 courses):
Mg110 Accounting Fundamentals
Mg120 Foundations of Economics
Mg130 Marketing Fundamentals
Mg150 Organizational Management
Mg210 Operational Finance
Mg225 Business Law

Management Core (6 courses):
Six 300/400-level Business Division Courses

General and Recommended Business Electives (8 courses)

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