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Business Administration – Healthcare Management

Bachelor of Science Degree

The healthcare industry in the 21st century presents exciting opportunities for those who are not
specifically interested in direct patient care. The Business Administration – Healthcare Management
degree prepares students for a wide range of business careers within the medical, insurance,
pharmaceutical, health, and wellness fields. The degree combines general business foundations with
industry‐specific coursework in law insurance and operations. Students also complete a minimum 160
hours of experiential learning through internship or practicum.

In addition to the stated Division goals for all students, graduates of the Business Administration –
Healthcare Management program will:

  • Demonstrate knowledge theories, skills and practices common to the Healthcare Management
  • Develop creative and critical thinking through individual and community projects
  • Complete a minimum of one capstone course or internship experience

Program of Study

General Core Requirements (12 courses)

Professional Core (6 courses):
Mg110 Accounting Fundamentals
Mg120 Foundations of Economics
Mg130 Marketing Fundamentals
Mg150 Organizational Management
Mg210 Operational Finance
Mg225 Business Law

Healthcare Management Core (6 courses):
Hc100 Introduction to Healthcare I
Hc310 Healthcare Law
Hc315 Healthcare Insurance
Hc420 Topics in Healthcare Management and Advocacy
Mg362 Systems Thinking and Knowledge Management
Mg433 Operations Research and Management

General and Recommended Business Electives (8 courses)

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