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Arts Administration 3-Year Program

Below is a recommended program sequence for the three-year major in Arts Administration:

Year 1 (11 courses, 44 credits)

Fall (16 cr)Spring (16 cr)Summer (12 cr)
En101 English Composition I OR
En150 Advanced Composition
En102 English Composition II OR
General Core requirement (if  successfully
completed En150 in Fall)
SVC Math/Science Core course
Fy100 Quest for SuccessAr/Cm200 Concepts of Visual DesignMg110 Accounting Fundamentals (SVC Career Enhancing Core course)
Ar250 Art History/Mu200 Music HistoryAr220 Art of the World/Mu215 World MusicSVC Social Science Core course
Ar104 Basic Drawing/Mu211 Musicianship (satisfies Humanities Core Requirement)Mg130 Marketing Fundamentals

Year 2 (11 courses, 44 credits)

Fall (16 cr)Spring (16 cr)Summer (12 cr)
Choose one: Ar/Mu300, Ar310/Mu210, OR Ar/Mu330Choose one: Ar/Mu300, Ar310/Mu210, OR Ar/Mu330, OR Arts/Management ElectiveMg225 Business Law OR Arts/Management Elective OR Internship
Mg120 Foundations of Economics (may satisfy SVC Career Enhancing Core course)Mu110/120 OR Ar103/204Arts/Management Elective OR Internship
Ar230 OR Mu105Arts Management ElectiveSVC Natural Science/Math Core
Mg150 Organizational ManagementSVC Social Science Core

Year 3 (10 courses, 40 credits)

Fall (16 cr)Spring (16 cr)Summer (12 cr)
Mg210 Operational Finance (if not taking Mg225)Arts/Management ElectiveGeneral Elective
Arts/Management ElectiveHu492 Hu CapstoneGeneral Elective
General Elective OR InternshipGeneral Core Requirement OR Elective OR InternshipHu490 Internship (if not taken in Fall or Spring)
General ElectiveAdvanced Studio Art course OR Mu110/120
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