Tuition and Fees


Explanation of Fees
Student Health Insurance – Is automatically charged to all students enrolled in at least one course at SVC, on a semester basis. If a student is covered by an outside insurance plan, they can waive SVC Student Insurance by filing an insurance waiver with the Student Accounts Office. Waivers must be filed on the first day of classes for the fall semester, a waiver must only be filed once a year. Please refer to the Student Health Insurance page for more information.

Student Activity Fee – The Student Activity fee is a mandatory fee charged to all matriculated students. This fee funds events, programs and services that directly improve the quality of Southern Vermont College.

Enrollment Deposit are non-refundable. 

Departments who may post charges to your account
Library Fines
SVC Library: 802-447-6036
It is important to pay overdue fines at the library when they are incurred. Please contact the Library with any questions about overdue library. 

Parking Fines
SVC Director of Campus Safety: 802-447-6393
Call with questions on parking regulations and violations. 

Conduct and Disciplinary Fines: 802-447-6323
SVC Student Life Office
Call with questions on conduct and disciplinary fines.

Dorm Damage Fines: 802-447-4013
SVC Director of Residence Life
Call with questions on dorm damage charges.