SVC Mourns the Passing of Campus Safety's Mark Poirier

August 4, 2014

Late August 1, 2014, Campus Safety Lead-Officer Mark Poirier lost his courageous battle with a lengthy illness. Mark was a devoted father of two daughters (one an SVC student) and adoring grandfather of eight-year old and year-and-a-half-old grandsons.

A tribute to Mark by Campus Safety Officer George Marshall:

A US Army veteran, Mark would have celebrated his 10th year with Southern Vermont College in October. Referred to as ‘big Mark’ by SVC students and staff, he was affectionately embraced by SVC athletes in particular – with whom he shared a mutual love of sports. An avid Yankees fan, it was fitting that he landed at SVC – the crossroads of New York-Boston pro-team rivalries. The College provided him with the perfect venue to rib the fans of his arch rivals – the Boston Red Sox, which he particularly enjoyed. Always in possession of a mischievous smile, Mark was a larger-than-life presence in the Campus Safety Department and on campus. When asked to carry out a specialized assignment or task – he was quick to say “…give me the ball Coach," while impersonating a running back about to receive a football. It was with such vigor that he took his perennial assignment of operating the golf cart shuttle at Commencement – quite possibly the last time many of the SVC community saw him on campus. Mark leaves behind a community that will remember him as a compassionate and conscientious professional, who possessed just a hint of high school prankster. "Here’s to you Mark - you’ve got the ball."