SVC Professors and Provost Participate in Interfaith Conference

January 27, 2014

Professor Tom Redden, Greater Bennington Interfaith Council (GBIC) member and SVC adjunct professor Betsey Belvin, and Provost Al DeCiccio were among 125 invited participants from across the country at a Conference at New York University, entitled "Toward a Field of Interfaith Studies:  Course Sequences, Pedagogies, and Best Practices," sponsored by the Interfaith Youth Core (IYC) and noted scholar Eboo Patel. The participants engaged in conversations about diversity, pluralism, world views, empathy, and progressive pedagogies. All were invited to submit a grant proposal to design a courses or concentration of courses that will address these topics and that will prepare students for responsible global interaction. SVC was invited because of the work President Gross asked the College and the Greater Bennington Interfaith Council to undertake in the re-design and offering of Comparative Religions, which Professor Tracey Forest is teaching this spring along with Ms. Belvin and others from the GBIC.