Professor Jeb Gorham and Provost Al DeCiccio are Presenters at Annual National Symposium on Student Retention

November 8, 2013

From November 4-6, in San Diego, CA, Professor Jeb Gorham and Provost Al DeCiccio became the first SVC presenters at the Annual National Symposium on Student Retention, sponsored by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) at the University of Oklahoma.  Along with representatives from 43 states, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Brazil, Gorham and DeCiccio shared presentations about new hypotheses and best practices (like Lumina's DQP, or Degree Qualifications Profile, and the Enrollment Contract) for the retention of students at our nation's colleges and universities.

With assistance and data analysis provided by Dean Anne Hopkins Gross, Professor Jennifer Ufnar, and Eric Parsons, Gorham and DeCiccio submitted papers that were reviewed and accepted for publication in the Symposium "Proceedings" and entered into the competition for best paper. They were then asked to make presentations based upon the papers for audiences comprised of the symposium's diverse participants. 

Professor Gorham's presentation was entitled "A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Retention:  Service-Learning and Community-Focused Laboratory Learning Enhanced Through Student-Centered, Self-Directed Teamwork." Provost DeCiccio's presentation was entitled "A&P Stretch:  Transforming a Gatekeeper Course Into a Gateway Course to Improve Retention of First-Year, First-Time Students."

Professor Gorham was also honored this week in South Burlington by Vermont Business Magazine and presented a "Rising Stars" Award for his work in education and in the Greater Bennington community.