Provost presentating for the 3rd annual institute on the Future of Community Engagement in Higher Education

May 29, 2012

At Merrimack College's Summer Research Institute on June 23, Dr. DeCiccio described the Southern Vermont College’s Quest for Success first-year service-learning program and a centerpiece course in that program—one that helped Southern Vermont College (SVC) in being placed on the Carnegie Classification List for Community Engagement. He exhibited artifacts from the exhibitions as well as course materials and a syllabus. Participants had the opportunity to determine how to adapt the course at their institutions.
For three years, students at Southern Vermont College have participated in the genealogy course, “Finding Our Roots and Exploring the Faces of Diversity: Building the ‘I am. . .I am From’ Exhibit,” and have exhibited their ancestral findings, including family heirlooms, at the Bennington Museum. Follow the process leading to the construction of the exhibit for the past two years.

Download the Summer Institute brochure here.