Exploring Archetypes through "Poetography"; an Exhibit at Southern Vermont College

March 7, 2012

Wild-world photographs and poetry (“poetography”) by Dr. Daniel Cantor Yalowitz are currently available for public viewing in the Burgdorff Gallery at Southern Vermont College through March 15. The exhibit, titled “I Wonder as I Wander: Archetypal Motifs on Personal Journeys and Symbols of The Self,” is a collection of images from Dr. Yalowitz’s travels – 75 countries around the world – and his journeys and encounters with key Jungian archetypes. Dr. Yalowitz gave a talk on his exhibit and its themes and hosted a reception in the Burgdorff Gallery on February 28.

Dr. Yalowitz is Associate Dean for Special Projects and Associate Professor of Social Sciences at Southern Vermont College. A resident of Greenfield, Mass., Dr. Yalowitz is a seasoned and well-traveled photographer, having visited numerous countries and all 50 states within the United States. He has taught courses entitled A Jungian Approach to World Literature, An Archetypal Approach to Fairytales, Introduction to the Wild World and Words of C.G. Jung, and other courses and workshops invoking various aspects of Carl Jung’s work at several colleges and universities. This summer, Dr. Yalowitz plans to complete his first book, “Journeying With Your Archetypes.”

According to Dr. Yalowitz, “Some of us take life in through vision and imagery, others of us through the world of words, both written and spoken. Still others take it in through a combination of both – or other – modes.” He developed his concept of “poetography” for an opportunity to look at elemental and universal forms of nature and the human experience through both printed word (poems and writings) and visual image (photos) in dialogic form. He further states, “The archetypes that are presented and represented here generate from the natural world, for the most part, and are intended to evoke (and sometimes provoke) distant or recent memories, stories, and circumstances as they once were or currently are, in each viewer’s life.”

For more information on the exhibit, Dr. Yalowitz may be contacted by calling 802-447-6351 or dyalowitz@svc.edu.