Provost Albert DeCiccio Presents at Conference for Peer Tutors in Writing at Florida International University

November 7, 2011

Provost DeCiccio was one of more than 100 national and even international presenters at the annual Conference for Peer Tutors in Writing held November 4-6 at Florida International University. In the presentation, entitled “From Interdependence to Independence,” DeCiccio described SVC’s course apprentices as part of a new effort to build a community of learners and to increase retention at the College. Course apprentices are upper-level students who enroll in a credit-bearing course on peer tutoring and then serve as intermediaries in courses they have previously completed successfully, helping the novice students in those courses to acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed. Provost DeCiccio was aided by Learning Cooperative Coordinator, Catherine Burns, as well as by senior and former course apprentice, Bret Clatworthy, whose youtube videos were part of his presentation. (Contact Provost DeCiccio if you would like to view a copy of the presentation.)