Assistant Professor Siegel Finer's Article on "Writing Center Sustainability Through Collaborative Research" to Be Published in "Academic Exchange Quarterly""

April 25, 2011

Assistant Professor and Composition Coordinator of The Hunter Division of Humanities Bryna Siegel Finer’s article, “Writing Center Sustainability Through Collaborative Research” will be published in Academic Exchange Quarterly in their Winter 2011 issue on writing center theory and practice and will be featured as an Editor’s Choice selection. This article is the first of two scholarly interpretations of a study done at the University of Rhode Island and is co-authored by Jeremiah Dyehouse, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric and Writing Center Director at the University of Rhode Island, and Jamie White-Farnham, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. The piece describes ways in which a five-year collaborative research project has encouraged sustainability of a writing center and empowered the center’s value as an important site for research and learning in the university, particularly through staff development, shifts in hierarchy among tutors and administrators, and considerations of research ethics. The authors show how a research project extending over several years might encounter challenges such as institutional constraints yet also provide opportunities for sustaining the center as a site not just for tutoring but also for research. Siegel Finer served as the Assistant Director of the URI Writing Center for two years and tutored for three years while completing doctoral work there before coming to SVC.