Colleen Rundell, MS, LNHA

ADJUNCT FACULTY, the john merck division of science and technology


  • MS, Public Administration, Health Care Concentration, Sage Graduate School
  • Doctoral student - A.T. Still University 

Courses taught

  • Introduction to Healthcare I & II, Health Care Law, Health Care Insurance and Health Care Management and Advocacy Certification Course in the Healthcare Management and Advocacy Program

academic Research/interests

Healthcare Quality, Nursing Homes, Healthcare Access

areas of expertise

Healthcare, Healthcare Advocacy, Healthcare Finance, Nursing Homes, Healthcare Law

Why I teach

Frankly, I love to teach. I enjoy the interactions with the students. I learn as much from the students as they do from me.

Favorite Book

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb

Favorite television program

The Walking Dead. I enjoy the group dynamics and what a perfect example of poor preventative healthcare....

Best part of being at SVC

The sense of community among the instructors, administration and the students.


Colleen Rundell has been employed in the Healthcare field for 30 years. In 2005, Colleen was appointed by Vermont’s past Governor, Jim Douglas, as administrator of the Vermont Veterans’ Home. She was the first non-veteran and female leader of the second oldest state veteran home in the nation. After five years in that role, Colleen relocated for a warmer climate and is currently the administrator of the Arizona State Veteran Home in Phoenix, Arizona.

Colleen is a member of and past president of the National Association of State Veteran Homes. In that role, she has testified before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs as a subject matter expert and has had the honor of joining President and Mrs. Obama at the White House for breakfast. Colleen currently is a liaison between the State Veterans’ Homes and the Department of Veteran Affairs, advocating for those veterans who reside within those Homes. Colleen is currently the Vice President of the Arizona Chapter of the American College of Health Care Administrators.

Colleen has instructed at Southern Vermont College since 2009. Now, Colleen teaches at Southern Vermont College via Skype from her home office in Phoenix, Arizona. Classes meet traditionally in a classroom; however, she teaches long distance. Moodle is an active part of the classroom experience. Although she is not physically present in the classroom, she comes to know her students on a personal level and is dedicated to their success.