Carol Greenhouse, M.F.A.

part-time instructor, The hunter Division of humanities


  • M.F.A., B.A., Bennington College

  • Courses taught
    • English Composition I, Grammar Lab

    academic Research/interests

    The theory of schema, integral education, alternative health

  • areas of expertise
    • Journalism, magazine writing, creative non-fiction, fiction, contemporary poetry, consciousness studies, social justice, alternative education, adventure travel

    Why I teach

    Because I've had a long career in publishing, that has taught me some interesting things I enjoy passing on.

  • Favorite Book
  • Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Eggs by Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Favorite film

    I don't know, but the movies my seven-year-old daughter and I watch regularly are Horse Boy, Man on Wire and The Little Prince.

    Best part of being at SVC

    The students. No contest.